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Sleek and bold, Isuzu N-Series trucks make a striking statement on the highway and on the job site. But these trucks have more than just a pretty face. Every element of the cab and chassis has been designed to make the driver more comfortable and productive, and to lower your cost of ownership.

Low-cab-forward design. No conventional truck, pickup or cutaway can give you the advantages of the Isuzu low-cab-forward design:

  • More cargo space within a given overall length
  • Tighter turning diameters
  • Easy access to the engine through the full 45-degree tilt-cab function that allows quicker service
  • Easier entry and exit
  • Better visibility
Isuzu NPR Eco-Max


Isuzu NPR-HD


Isuzu NPR-HD Crew Cab

NPR-HD Crew Cab

Isuzu NQR


Isuzu NQR Crew Cab

NQR Crew Cab

Isuzu NRR